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Business Mom Develops Universal Kids Money Milestones so Parents Have a Path to Follow
New York , NY
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
How to Teach Your Children the Most Critical Financial Life Skills Audio Program
How to Teach Your Children the Most Critical Financial Life Skills Audio Program
Parents around the world are wondering how they're going to teach their children the financial skills necessary to succeed in the future. Recent surveys show they find it easier to talk about bullying, smoking and drugs, than money skills. Nancy Phillips, mother of two young children and the founder of DollarSmartKids Enterprises Inc., is releasing a program on March 30th to address that global problem.

Phillips is passionate about seeing the next generation learn the skills they need to achieve their biggest goals and dreams in life. "I want to change peoples' awareness about financial skills and how straightforward the skills really are, it's not as complex as we've all thought – that's a myth that has to be busted once and for all. Parents don't have to be investment geniuses to teach their children great financial habits. It's critical to our children's future well-being that parents feel confident and have the tools they need to teach their children these real-life lessons. We can do this, and we need to do it for our children's sake."

Phillips has now put the key concepts and tips from her extensive research into an audio program to help parents learn how to teach their children age appropriate financial skills during daily life. Moms and dads can use the framework with their children right from the pre-school years through the end of high school. Phillips says "parents need to be aware of these universal skills and when to teach them so their children have the opportunity to get hands-on practice at key developmental times. It's a lot like teaching a sport; everyone needs practice to master a skill, it doesn't happen if somebody else does it for them. Financial literacy can be learned and practiced together, two generations at once, and the benefits can be transformational to the entire family."

The audio program comes with a workbook that illustrates key money milestones children can practice and achieve to prepare for a financially independent adulthood. The program also discusses damaging mistakes for parents to avoid when teaching their kids about money. "Parents have needed a clear roadmap to teach these essential skills to their kids for a long time now. This program was created to give busy parents the specific information they need in a simple to use format."

The audio program and accompanying workbook "How to Teach Your Children the Most Critical Financial Life Skills" will be released globally on March 30th at

Ms.Nancy Phillips,HBSc., EMBA
Founder and President
DollarSmartKids Enterprises Inc.
Kelowna, BC