Ebook Award Judges Revealed: Global Ebook Awards in Full Swing
Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Dan Poynter?s Global Ebook Awards has appointed 239 judges so far and most are evaluating more than a single category of ebooks. That means each of the 101 categories of books will have several judges. In an award contest, the more judges, the more thorough and objective the judging.

Judges represent a wide range of category experts but have one thing in common: each love the category they are judging. Judges range from book bloggers to reviewers, librarians, book club, and reading circle members, as well as professional critics and subject matter experts in the category they prefer.

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The Global Ebook Awards has an advantage over awards for printed books. Judges retrieve the books they want to read from Judges have a choice between PDF, EPUB, Kindle, Sony, Nook, etc. so they can read on their favorite device. And, the global Ebook Awards headquarters does not have to absorb the expense of shipping heavy paper books to the numerous judges.

While the judges? subjective evaluation is most important, The Awards headquarters supplies judges with a score sheet to aid them in their objective evaluation. For an example of the evaluation sheet, see


Judges may begin reading and evaluating books as soon as they sign up for the program. The deadline for submissions is March 12 and the contest closes on June 15. So judges can read at their leisure. Judges who have time to read books are more thorough in their evaluations.

Judges are listed on the Global Ebook Awards website (unless they wish to remain anonymous) and they are encouraged to display the special Awards logo on their websites, blogs, email signatures, etc.

While publishers of all sizes are welcome to enter ebooks for evaluation, we want this contest to be a place where self-publishers can stand alongside other authors on an equal footing with an equal shot at exposure and recognition.

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Volunteers for judging are still being accepted. Request to be an Award judge to Barbara Gaughen (?gone?), Gaughen Global Public Relations, +1-805-968-8567

Supply your contact information, the URL you want to promote, and the ebook category of your choice. You may choose more than one category.
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Judges who are bloggers and reviewers are encouraged to review the books they read on Amazon, B&, Midwest Book Review and other review periodicals.

Judges may enter their own ebooks in other categories but not the categories they are judging.

The Second Annual Award ceremony will be held in gorgeous Santa Barbara on August 18 2012.

Dan Poynter?s Global Ebook Awards is a division of Para Publishing LLC of Santa Barbara.


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