Ebook Awards Last Day to Enter
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Wednesday, July 06, 2011
Ebook Awards Last Day to Enter 

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Midnight July 7th, as the clock strikes 12, the opportunity to enter your ebook at  will be over. Better to be safe than sorry so enter today and take advantage of the attention your book will receive. Imagine receiving a global award with the badge of distinction on your book cover and a golden sticker for your ebook cover. The Global Ebook Awards provides the promotion for those who enter by Thursday, July 7 at midnight, Pacific Time.

More Than $4,000 In Promotions For Just $59

In the Global eBook Awards, every nominee walks away with more than $4,000 worth of promotions. The approximate street value of this promotion is listed below. Dan Poynter and Joseph Dowdy, Director of the Awards, came up with (based on research and experience) the following numbers for the promotion you receive with the submission of your ebook into the Global Ebook Awards.

1. Review copies are sent to book bloggers and subject-matter-expert bloggers who focus on your book's category. For example, books on popular romance will only go to blogs on popular romance. MORE THAN $500 VALUE (For mentions and reviews on blogs.)

2. Your book's own "micro" website (which is what your own ebook page is on our site) and it will last as long as the Global eBook Awards WITH NO ANNUAL FEE.

AT LEAST $1,000 VALUE (How much would you pay for a page on our site indexed on Google that stays up for decade after decade? No one sells such a gift to you!)

3. Directory listing on the Global Ebook Awards website by category.


4. Boost your Google Search rankings for your regular site. Your book's listing on the Global Ebook Awards site will lead to your site and this will improve your Google search rankings

AT LEAST $500 VALUE (Typical fee for an SEO expert to improve your rankings with legal deep links)

5. New top five Google search results when people search for "your title" and "ebook" on Google. Do a search on Google for "one noble journey ebook" and you'll see what we mean! Most ebooks in our competition score in the top five of Google search results (sometimes above Amazon's ranking).

MORE THAN $500 VALUE (Fee for SEO expert to place you in the top 5 of Google Search.)

6. We will write and publish news releases for your book if it advances from Nominated to Finalist or Winner.

AT LEAST $200 VALUE (Fee to pay news release writing service per release.)

7. Weekly book-promotion eCoaching by Dan Poynter on how to promote your ebook. Did you know that Dan is busy every week working on improving how we can promote your ebook? His personal eCoaching each week in several assignments is worth as much!

ESTIMATED VALUE MORE THAN $1,000 (Cost to pay Dan to promote your ebook personally.)

8. Your book submitted to Columbine Communications & Publications for foreign rights representation. If your book is accepted by Robert Erdmann, there will be a charge to take it to Frankfurt and other book fairs.

AT LEAST $100 (Cost to submit ebook to publications for foreign rights representation.)

9. A listing in Publishing Poynters Marketplace requesting reviews at and in exchange for a copy of your ebook. This is a very successful strategy!


10. Video assets for your own ebook trailer based on your status as a Nominee, Finalist or Winner. MORE THAN $1,000 (Pay a video production company money to create a 3D logo of our award and build it into an ebook trailer for yourself.)


Dan Poynter
Para Publishing
Santa Barbara