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Youth from Aging-In Homes Help Prepare A Feast for 300 Guests
Monday, November 18, 2002
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Janis Nicolosi-Endo

November 15, 2002 Public Relations Coordinator

Phone: 973-854-3600 x 419

Fax: 973-395-0552



Youth from Aging-In Homes Help Prepare A Feast for 300 Guests

YCS Kids From Near and Far Gather for a Family Style Thanksgiving Celebration

WHO: YCS Programs in South Jersey

WHAT: Youth residing in two YCS Aging-In group homes assist staff in setting up a school gymnasium for three hundred special needs children and their families who will gather for a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner prepared by YCS staff.

WHEN: Monday, November 25, 2002

TIME: 3:00 pm

WHERE: YCS Sawtelle Learning Center

550 Magill Avenue

Collingswood, N.J.

RE: In the southern region of Garden State, YCS provides an array of services for children in need. All program participants and their family members, as well as staff and their families will join in a Thanksgiving celebration that is becoming a loving YCS tradition.

Programs include: A YCS Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) for preschoolers, The YCS Sawtelle Learning Center for children with pervasive developmental disorders, YCS Solutions Partial Care after school program for behaviorally challenged adolescents, several YCS therapeutic group homes and aging in programs for children through age 21, a YCS Youth-In Action after school enrichment program and a specialized foster care program.

About Youth Consultation Service

As YCS celebrates more than 84 years of service to the New Jersey community, the organization dedicated to behavioral health maintains over 55 different locations throughout 33 New Jersey towns and cities. As the state's largest provider of social services for children, YCS provides individualized care through over 82 programs. The organization maintains a web site at

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Diane Evans
Director, Marketing & PR
YCS (Youth Consultation Service)
Newark, NJ