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You Too Can Win at Mega Millions, Using This Free System that Won Seven Jackpots
Wednesday, August 29, 2007
by Gail Howard

Choose 22 Mega Millions white balls and the free lotto system #3014 magically (mathematically) combines your 22 best white ball number picks into 100 sets of five. Simply place your 22 chosen numbers (from 1 to 56) in the lettered boxes A through V. Then write the corresponding numbers next to the letters on the lines below and system #3014 will make the mathematically-correct combinations for you.

Above the system is a box with the Maximum Wins possible and the Minimum Wins guaranteed when having 5, 4, 3, or 2 correct numbers in your chosen group of 22 white ball numbers.

System #3014 is a proven winner, having won seven cash 5 jackpots. Read the stories (with their letters) about the seven winners who won with this system at

System #3014 is great for lottery pools and lotto syndicates. It costs $100 in tickets. But, if 100 members in a lottery pool or syndicate contribute $42 each, system #3014 can be played 42 times, using each Mega Ball number with an entire system. Your pool would be guaranteed to have the Mega Ball in one of those systems. WARNING: Be sure to place the 22 numbers in a DIFFERENT ORDER on EACH of the 42 sets.

It is much faster to use the FREE INTERACTIVE version of system #3014 at Simply check 22 numbers from 1 to 56, then click ?Generate Combinations.? That?s all there is to it! Good luck with Smart Luck.


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