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About: Imagine a world where your concept of someone with profound ideas is a woman. Because when you think about it, most people who change the way we think ? experts on TV, scientists, economists, busin...
Edie Fraser -- Women Business Collaborative
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About: Edie Fraser, spearheading the largest women business movement in America, CEO of Women Business Collaborative (WBC), an alliance of business women’s organizations working together to achieve equal position, pay and power for all women in business. Former Founder and CEO of STEMconnector® and Million Women Mentors (MWM), CEO and Founder of Diversity Best Practices, Founding Member and current board member of C200, the most successful women in business organization representing companies with more than 1.4 trillion in combined revenue and employing 2.5 million people. She is the former CEO of Public Affairs Group, working with 250 Fortune companies advancing Best Practices. She is in the Enterprising Women Hall of Fame, and has been on the cover of seven magazines for women and diversity leadership. With WBC, she partners with the CEO Forum and its Leadership Magazine and has produced books, papers, and articles and a member of the Cosmos Club.
Bianca Riemer -- Women's Leadership Coach
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About: Bianca Riemer is a Women's Leadership Coach and helps professional women in male-dominated industries such as tech and financial services break through the glass ceiling. Her proprietary, multi-modality Success Activation Framework comprises coaching, hypnotherapy, consulting and NLP, and helps clients achieve results such as promotions and salary raises much faster than via coaching alone.Bianca's clients quickly let go of imposter syndrome and increase their confidence and influencing skills, so that that they can be the more powerful feminine leaders the world so dearly needs right now. Bianca is a former top-ranked, multi-award winning stock market analyst who, in her decade at Morgan Stanley, established herself as a thought leader for German residential multifamily property. She ...

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What's holding you back from performing at 100%? Bianca Riemer -- Women's Leadership Coach
What’s holding you back from performing at 100%? Bianca Riemer -- Women's Leadership Coach

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