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Irv Schwary -- ZENTIREMENT
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About: Zentirement (R) The Book - coming in 2015. Remember the passion you had when you were a child; renew that passion for success, happiness and meaning. Live the fullest life before and after retirement. Retirement is more than just leaving your job or profession and sitting on a rocker. Follow Zentire Man at and on Social Media. WorkHard PlayHard Livelife (R) America's #1 Local Business Growth Accelerator
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About: BBRN Founder and Chairman Richard J. Roll is a nationally known consumer finance expert, Harvard MBA, and best-selling author (with Hugh Downs) in the field of retirement planning. As an acknowledged expert/thought leader on Baby Boomer retirement issues, and an energetic media guest, he has been interviewed by hundreds of the nation's leading media, such as CNBC, MSNBC, Money Magazine, WSJ and Forbes. Richard and his team of expert coaches provide inspiration, guidance, and trustworthy solutions for all the issues Baby Boomers are facing today, from finances to fitness to fulfillment, and everything in between.

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