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Rose Lee Archer M.S.
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About: Elevate your career from an unknown to a distinguished expert through: How to be a Media Magnet. Discover Rose Lee's Award Winning approach to a dynamic interview. Reveal your talents and skills to light up the airwaves and create a lasting impression: Documented research reports the delivery of a television interview impacts an audience based on 7% content, 38% voice and 55% body language. Featured expert guests on the Rose Lee Archer Show expand expert advice to millions of Discovery Life viewers nationwide.
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About: Current List- August 16 American Association for the Advancement of Science Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communicati ACES: American Copy Editors Society AEJMC: Assoc. for Education in Jo./Mass Comm. AHCJ: Assoc. of Health Care Journalists Al Smith Dinner APME: Associated Press Managing Editors APME: ...

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