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Performance Research -- Jed Pearsall, Ed.D.
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About: Performance Research is the world's leader in the evaluation of corporate sponsorship of sports, special events, theme parks, the arts, charitable causes, and web-based programs. Having conducted more than one million surveys and hundreds of focus groups related to sponsorship, Performance Research is the most trusted source for interpreting the marketing impact and consumer response to corporate sponsorship -- Olympic Games Experts
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About: (ATR) For more than 25 years Around the Rings has been 'the most influential internet presence on the Olympics.' (The Guardian). On-the-scene coverage of every bid and Games since 1992 means unparalleled access to decision-makers. Regular features include host city preparations, pandemic and sport, sponsorship, doping, federations; Olympic committee news delivered via Internet, Email, Podcasts, Video newscasts, Twitter, Facebook, special edition magazines and publications.

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