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Christopher Bauer, Ph.D. -- Business Ethics Training
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About: Ethics expert Dr. Christopher Bauer's training as a clinical psychologist gives him a unique perspective on how individuals manage matters of ethics. It also allows him to provide equally unique commentary and analysis. As a speaker, seminar leader and consultant, he helps individuals and organizations make more ethically-informed decisions while maximizing their bottom line. Bauer Ethics Seminars provides keynotes, breakouts, seminars, retreats, and consultation. Each helps individuals, teams and organizations take effective responsibility for 'walking the talk' of ethical behavior as well as improving their bottom line through improved leadership and management skills.
Fred DiUlus, PhD -- Global Academy Online
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About: Dr. Fred DiUlus is the Founder/Chair/President Emeritus of Global Academy(Online)- pioneer specialists in creating cutting edge domestic & international online and blended schools, colleges & universities. The Academy offers new and seasoned institutions state of the art higher education strategic planning, development,management and advanced immersive 2D/3D VR & AR Immersive Learner Systems. Dr.DiUlus has lectured and taught at a dozen domestic and international universities. He is currently the Chair/Chancellor of San Gregorio College and honorary Chair of the Aging Veterans Care Relief Fund. A noted and formidable leader with over five decades of higher education experience, Dr. DiUlus is a gifted public speaker, author of diverse works on Leadership, Economics, Business,Ethics and found two investment advisory firms that through the years founded two banks, three mutual funds, an investment Brokerage and the National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations

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