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Campus Safety Alliance -- Morgan Ballis, M.S. EM
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About: Mr. Ballis is a nationally recognized expert on school safety and active shooter events. After his mom survived the attack at Congresswoman Giffords' event in 2011, Mr. Ballis dedicated his life to understanding these tragedies. He has trained more than 20,000 educators, students, and law enforcement officers in active shooter response. Pursuing his Ph.D. in emergency management with a focus on school violence, Mr. Ballis presents his research and methodology at law enforcement and educational conferences across the U.S. He has appeared on numerous media outlets and radio shows sharing evidence-based and trauma-informed school safety solutions. Mr. Ballis is a nationally certified law enforcement trainer preparing officers responding to mass murder incidents also serving as a consu...

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Campus Safety Alliance -- Morgan Ballis, M.S. EM
Campus Safety Alliance -- Morgan Ballis, M.S. EM

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