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William R. Griffin -- Cleaning Consultant Services
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About: Bill Griffin of Cleaning Consultant Services is enthusiastic and often outspoken about cleaning and small business. He's an entertaining and thought provoking guest. He's available on short notice and a guest that your audience won't soon forget. His quick wit and sense of humor are engaging for call-ins, live audiences and demonstrations. He provides training, consulting and speeches to cleaning industry and small business audiences. He's the world's leading authority on cleaning and maintenance, having published 10 books and over 200 articles.
Dr. Romina Ghassemi -- Bax-u Posture Support Brace
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About: A chiropractor by profession and an inventor by passion. My sub-speciality is spinal biomechanics and postural correction. I saw a need to help people reduce repetitive injuries by correction. I am an inventor physician of a line of medical devices made accessible and fashionable to change & retrain muscle memory for better alignment and optimal body performance by re-training the nervous system. BAX-U WEARABLES are offered by physicians & available to users around the world. While under my corrective care program, patients needed something that worked with their lifestyle, something that could help re-train the muscles and change poor habits of slouching. BAX-U POSTURE WEARABLES are tested by USA university and corporate wellness programs documenting users 'Functional Correction and Higher Performance'.

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