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Stefan Swanepoel -- Surviving Your Serengeti
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About: Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business & Life (Wiley; hardcover; March 1, 2011) will refine how you view and comprehend people. Africa-born, New York Times bestselling author, Stefan Swanepoel shares the different parallels between our concrete jungle and the real jungle. Take the surprisingly accurate 3-minute quiz and discover whether you are an enterprising crocodile, a strategic lion, a risk-taking mongoose or another one of the 'Serengeti Seven.' Learn to develop your own strongest survival skill, identify and understand the strengths of those you work with -- all while having fun and developing an extraordinary team.
Robin Jay -- Las Vegas Keynote Speaker
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About: Robin Jay is an award-winning movie writer/producer, author, and speaker. Her first film is 'The Keeper of the Keys' - the first funny self-help film. It stars Jack Canfield and John Gray. Robin wrote, produced, and costars in the movie. She is also president of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, a publisher, and a Business Relationship Expert. Her award-winning book, 'The Art of the Business Lunch', has been published in 12 languages.

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