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Mike Ball Author 'Banjos, Boats and Butt Dialing'
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About: Mike Ball is an award-winning humorist and author of What I've Learned So Far... In addition to cranking out his weekly humor column, Mike is the founder of Lost Voices, a non-profit group that des...
Alondra Oubre, Science Writer
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About: I am a medical and scientific communicator, pharmaceutical and medical device regulatory specialist, and the author of four published books, including Science in Black and White, which debunks anti-black racial science. I hold a PhD in medical anthropology. As a science writer, biomedical research consultant, and public speaker, I explore multiple topics, including (1) the false claims of modern racial science, (2) the causes of ethnic health disparities, and (3) the nature versus nurture debate over the racial divide in societal achievement and life outcomes. With a diverse research background in academia and the private and public sectors, I am committed to disseminating to the public evidence-based information on innovative, lifestyle, and other environmental interventions to enhance...

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