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Andy Lopez - Organic Gardening Expert
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About: Banish pesticides and chemical fertilizers from your garden. The Invisible Gardener is here to show you how to work with Mother Nature instead of against her. What are you putting in your soil? How are you dealing with garden pests and diseases? Conventional horticulture assaults the earth with pesticides and chemicals, sucking essential nutrients from the soil with each harvest. Organic gardening offers a healthier, more productive, and more sustainable alternative. andy Lopez, a.k.a. the Invisible Gardener, reveals how to work in partnership with your garden while consuming less energy and producing fewer greenhouse gases. Under Andy’s expert tutelage, you’ll discover explain to you the importance of having a living soil natural tree care by understanding the Law of Cause and Effect how you can control bark beetles and other pests and diseases natural disease control by using a Refractometer to get Brix readings you will know what Brix is

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