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Eileen Hammel - Smarter Image
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Participant Information
Eileen Hammel - Smarter Image
Philadelphia, PA United States
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Welcomes paid invitations to speak.
Contact Information
Eileen Hammel
Philadelphia, PA
United States
Contact Phone: 484 - 416 - 5453

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Has Founder and President of Smart Image A leader in the Image Industry and Nonverbal Communication Field for over 25 years Eileen is recognized as a National and International Image, Makeover, and Nonverbal Communication Expert. Eileen has authored 12 workbooks, written numerous articles that have been published in over 150 global outlets. Her extensive research and understanding of the powerful first 7 seconds of initially meeting someone and her extraordinary expertise in coaching corporate and Individual clients on how to create a successful attractive image that will maximize the powerful first 7 seconds of an encounter and achieve tier professional and personal goals have earned Eileen the title 'The 7 Second Image Makeover Expert'. Her unique ability to successfully blend style and science into a simple and entertaining format has allowed her to have empowered a vast and varied array of individuals, businesses, associations, and students with the ability to be powerful communicators and strategically use nonverbal communication to establish their leadership, showcase their expertise, strengthen their credibility, enhance their appearance,  communicate clearly, control the messages they send out nonverbally, attracted a mate and successfully use those first 7 powerful seconds.  For over 25 years Eileen has taught smart image's numerous clients easy effective strategies to achieve success at work, play, and life.