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Jeffrey Schell - Top Denver Patent Lawyer
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Jeffrey Schell - Top Denver Patent Lawyer
Denver, CO United States
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Jeffrey Schell
Denver, CO
United States
Main Phone: 303-900-8783
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One of the few patent attorneys anywhere to commercialize patents into eight-figure companies, Jeff founded Schell IP and Schell / on a mission to transform innovative concepts into highly profitable operating companies.

ColoradoBiz Magazine named Quandary Medical LLC, a company Jeff founded out of intellectual property he himself prosecuted, as one of the top 250 companies in Colorado by revenue.  Orthopedics This Week awarded the company with its prestigious Spine Technology Award in 2017. It had a successful exit in 2018.

Jeff later took a significant stake in Proov, an exciting brand in women's health, during its pre-seed stage. With Jeff's guidance, Proov has evolved its technology into multiple patented products and has been featured in Forbes. We won the "Best Family Tech at CES" award from Parents Magazine. Proov was named SXSW Startup of the Year in 2019. Proov has been on a roll, raising several million dollars in VC and grant funding, gaining distribution at leading retailers, and being recognized as one of Colorado's "Companies to Watch" in 2020. We closed a Series A round with the involvement of prominent venture capital firms in late 2021.

Jeff also merged the original patent law firm he founded, Rocky Mountain Patent, with a top tier law firm, in 2018. After his tenure at Hall Estill, where he led the firm's Ventures Growth practice, he founded Schell IP to provide more customized support.  His new law practice that incorporates artificial intelligence in a groundbreaking way.  He also joined Erez Capital in 2023 and continues to invest in and advise companies at various points in their life cycles.


ColoradoBiz Magazine named Jeff one of the 25 'Most Influential Young Professionals in Colorado.' He was also a finalist for the Denver Post's 'Colorado Innovator of the Year' and 'Denver Trailblazer' awards. Jeff holds degrees from Northwestern University and studied at Harvard.