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Gregg Fraley -- Best Creativity Consultant
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Gregg Fraley -- Best Creativity Consultant
Chicago, IL United States
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Welcomes paid invitations to speak.
Will consider all speaking invitations.
Contact Information
Gregg Fraley
Three Oaks, MI
United States
Contact Phone: 773-251-8567
Cell Phone: 773-251-8567

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Gregg Fraley

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Gregg Fraley is an innovation accelerator. He's an inspiring author, speaker, and hands-on consultant to Fortune 1000 corporations on new product development, innovation process, and improved creative thinking. He's been described as "a walking think tank" and a "visionary who exudes possibility"

Gregg?s business novel about creative/innovation process, "Jack?s Notebook," features on reading lists on many MBA programs, including the University of California at Berkeley and the UK's Cambridge Judge Business School.

KILN is a firm he co-founded in 2010 to create a cutting-edge suite of innovation process services. KILN brings cultural trend intelligence products and radically new innovation process techniques to companies around the globe. This in the quest for new product ideas, and disruptive business models that create competitive advantage.

He's an advocate for faster, simpler, and more holistic approaches to organizational innovation. He believes creativity can be learned and that creative problem solving training is where innovation culture improvement begins.