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Robert Toporek -- TeamChildren -Youth Charity
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Participant Information
Robert Toporek -- TeamChildren -Youth Charity
Philadelphia, PA United States
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Contact Information
Robert Toporek
Audobon, PA
United States
Contact Phone: 610-666-1795
Cell Phone: 484-744-1868
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TeamChildren -Youth Charity
TeamChildren?s mission is to transform how we relate to and raise babies and children, such that every child is given both the opportunity and the tools to reach their full potential.

Teamchildren is on the leading edge of transforming early childhood growth and development. We have through extraordinary teamwork distributed over 10,000 low cost refurbished computers to families and organizations around the world. We estimate t»Ut thisn?bfort is giving more than 40,000 children the tools and opportunities they n-eYó}á BV ÿÿóýP ^T<