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Valerie Geller -- Talk Radio Consultant
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Valerie Geller -- Talk Radio Consultant
New York, NY United States
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Valerie Geller

United States
Main Phone: 212-580-3385

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Valerie Geller:

With more than 30 years of broadcast experience, Valerie Geller, President of Geller Media International and broadcast consultant for TV and Radio, is the author of three books about radio

She's trained or worked with some of the top names in the industry and Geller's work as a speaker, trainer, coach and consultant takes her around the world conducting workshops and seminars, and working with individual broadcasters in news, talk, information and personality broadcasting. Clients include stations throughout the United States and the world, including in the UK, (The BBC, and LBC, London), The ABC in Australia, RFM in Portugal, and many more among hundreds of stations Geller works with throughout the world.

Over the past 17 years Geller has worked with more than 500 stations in 27 countries.

Geller has worked with and trained some of the top talk radio hosts in the world. A former program director (WABC Radio in New York), News Director, Associated Press broadcast board member, reporter and producer, Geller now works with on air personalities, producers, programmers and news directors, anchors and reporters to help each grow audiences based on the power of the on air content, in radio and TV. The work is based on three principles of POWERFUL COMMUNICATION:

1. Tell the truth
2. Make it matter
3. Never be boring

While the work deals with radio and TV, it's much more than that. "We don't do radio or TV, we are 'reflecting life.' says Geller. This is about the struggle to be a human being and get through the day. We are really in the story business" Anyone who has a message to communicate can benefit.

This is about mastering compelling storytelling techniques, communicating powerfully and getting your message into world, based on the power of your personality!

If you are interested in more: look up Creating Powerful Radio, Valerie Geller or Geller Media International.

Geller regularly presents Powerful Radio and TV seminars and workshops and has been a frequent "spokesperson" and expert on talk radio and interactive participatory electronic media.