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David Russo -- Pain Management Expert
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David Russo -- Pain Management Expert
Hood River, OR United States
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David Russo, DO
Hood River, OR
United States
Main Phone: 541-386-9500, ex 202
Contact Phone: 541-386-9500, ex 204
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David Russo

Dr. David Russo is a dual board-certified physical medicine, rehabilitation, and pain management specialist. He is an expert in pain treatment and regenerative medicine therapies for musculoskeletal conditions. He is an adviser and technical consultant in areas of risk management, peer review, clinical toxicology, and organizational development. Specializes in all aspects of disability evaluation, including causation, analysis and review of iatrogenic harm caused by treatment for chronic pain syndromes, analysis and review of mistaken attribution of liability related to treatment of chronic pain syndromes Peer Review. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley followed by medical school and graduate degrees in Public Health and Clinical Research and Education at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth, Texas. He continued his graduate medical education and residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatry) at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and pain fellowship at OHSU.