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Elayne Savage. Ph.D. -- The Rejection Expert
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Elayne Savage. Ph.D. -- The Rejection Expert
San Francisco, CA United States
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Welcomes paid invitations to speak.
Contact Information
Dr. Elayne Savage
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
United States
Contact Phone: 510-540-6230
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Don't Take It Personally!

Overcoming Rejection and Managing Misunderstandings!

Dr. Elayne Savage is The Queen of Rejection - the leading expert on rejection and taking things personally at home and in the workplace:

? how misunderstandings lead to resentments - leaving little space for connection and intimacy in relationships

? when communication style differences result in relationship meltdowns

? how unrealistic expectations lead to hurt feelings and disappointments

? how political baiting and bickering results in taking things personally

? when "dissing" in the workplace or schoolyard leads to trouble

? the connection between road rage, air rage, and sports rage and taking things personally

A dynamic, engaging commentator whose interviews include WebMD, BBC World News, London Guardian, London Observer, Maury Povich, Court TV, MSNBC, ABC, AP, Reader's Digest, Good Housekeeping, Seventeen, NPR, Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Los Angeles Times, radio and newspapers nationwide. Author of books published in 9 languages: Don't Take It Personally! The Art of Dealing with Rejection and Breathing Room--Creating Space to Be a Couple (New Harbinger).