John Iams, M.A., P.T. -- Pain Management Expert
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John Iams, M.A., P.T. -- Pain Management Expert
Poway, CA United States
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John Iams, M.A., P.T.
Poway, CA
United States
Contact Phone: 1-858-487-3700

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Pain Management Expert

John Iams, M.A., P.T.

John Iams, the creator of the exciting Primal Reflex Release Technique? (PRRT?) and founder of SuperSpine, Inc. teaches his pain relief technique Seminars in his 2500 sq. ft. library in Poway, CA. Hundreds of practitioners from all of the healing professions have attended John's Seminars.

In the past dozen years, SuperSpine, Inc. has become the fastest growing seminar company of its kind in the country. PRRT? Seminars are now held around the world. John has responded to the demand for information on how to use his PRRT? by creating his now famous PRRT? Home Study Course. Over 1000 practitioners from all fields of healing have purchased this. The most common comments practitioners hear patients treated with PRRT? say are: "miraculous, unbelievable and amazing"

PRRT? fits seamlessly with all other approaches to treatment and speeds up results too.

SuperSpine, Inc. is poised to breakthrough previous theories of musculoskeletal pain. Nothing has proven faster, safer, and simpler than John's PRRT?. If a PRRT? treatment isn?t successful in the first couple visits, then the problem is not at a primal reflex level. The role of primal reflexes is just being recognized and SuperSpine, Inc. will lead the way in discovering ways in discovering how to reset reflexes which facilitate and maintain stiffness, aches, tightness and pain patterns.