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TreatNOW Coalition -- Concussion Protocol Experts
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TreatNOW Coalition -- Concussion Protocol Experts
Arlington, VA United States
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Contact Information
Robert L. Beckman. PhD
Arlington, VA
United States
Contact Phone: 703-346-8432
Concussion Protocol Experts

TreatNOW Mission

Identify and treat suicidal and brain-wounded veterans and others suffering from Concussion/TBI/PTSD

TreatNOW Goal

Ensure that over 850,000 Iraq and Afghanistan brain injured veterans and active duty service members, along with all citizens, get insured access to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and other proven alternative medical treatments for their Invisible Wounds


We are primarily veterans working pro bono to stop the suicide epidemic and restore the brain injured to a quality of life denied them by conventional approaches to concussions and brain injuries.

The TreatNOW Coalition is supported by numerous clinics and physicians worldwide. The Coalition has built a collaborative network among civilian Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)-capable clinics which have, on a largely pro bono basis, successfully treated over 31,000 TBI/PTSD Veteran and civilian casualties. Using HBOT and a variety of safe and effective, alternative therapies, clinicians are actively treating and helping to heal underlying brain damage that is ignored with current, passive "watchful waiting" and drug-based Concussion protocols. And patients are able to quit taking most of their drugs.

TreatNOW has had dramatic, life-altering success returning each of the fully-treated patients to a quality of life far beyond what they could receive from traditional or DOD medicine. A significant number were returned to active military duty. Under TreatNOW, this scientific work will continue to give hope to the hundreds of thousands of brain-injured patients with TBI/Concussion and/or PTSD. Neither service members or athletes or citizens have to settle for a "new normal" along with a life of addictive dependence on prescribed drugs that come with warnings against suicidal risk. This is not the Quality of Life they deserve nor what safe and effective evidence-based medicine can provide for them.

The TreatNOW civilian research and treatment effort to this point has been largely self-funded. 21 clinical trials have been conducted worldwide demonstrating the safety and efficacy of using HBOT for mild TBI persistent post-concussive syndrome. This peer-reviewed published scientific evidence demonstrates once again the role of hyperbaric oxygen in active treatment of wounds to the brain, restoring function and brain health to wounded who were told they would have to settle for a "new normal," in effect a degraded quality of life.  See:  www.treatnow.org  and  www.hbot.com