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Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters
Los Angeles, CA United States
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Cynthyny Lebo
Sherman Oaks, CA
United States
Main Phone: 818-742-5099
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Reading well equates to recognition. In life or at work, broad social participation requires skill in language arts and thinking ability. Today fluency translates into better life options. The demand for student achievement is essential to earning. Vital decision making is a driver of our economy.

Music educator,VAPA teaching artist, and the Director of New Education Options, Inc. a California public benefit charity, Bo works or volunteers to advocate for learners and educators. Teamed with William Elliott in Greater LA and the Inland Empire, they use writing and music as a catalyst for student school success through Stem and STEAM.

A CAC AIS instructor, Globe Elementary artist, and learning integration coach, she applies ESL, English Language Arts and Reading pedagogy to risk taking and creativity helping at-risk students to "learn how they learn". Their initiative "The Water Buddy Initiative" uses songwriting to bring cognitive learning theories into rigorous and relevant application in the classroom or as transformational learning through technology after-school enrichment program. In 2005, they became 'No Child Left Behind Supplemental Service Title I Providers' for At-Risk Learners. In 2013-14, we continued to work on our reader to link the LA River to classrooms and learning. In 2015, NEO,Inc. is building a community of educators and advocates to fund new jobs training Musical Linguistics arts education teachers, and providing information to parents and schools on programs that build vocabulary and conservation. Using national core standards to build reading comprehension through Science (STEM) skills, Bo uses music to link gains in reading, linguistics, memory and word play.

Find out how the Mindspan Member Project with US Alliance FCU, Las Madres Y Padres Como Estudiantes, or our SFV reading remediation program can help your students, in school reform or your teachers. Write us at For fun, punch in on (top) "Tostadas and Angels" or (bottom) "All Hearts are Home for Christmas" contributed by NLO, NEO, Inc. and Mindspan Music for your holiday delight. Donations can be made to New Education Options, Inc. by Paypal. Watch for new listings to buy the sheet music from the show or this classic Christmas Carol.

"All Hearts are Home for Christmas" is a cut of The Wind in the Willows CD available through Ingram Entertainment and download from several digital download resellers. Our live performances, literacy development programs and learning center project will receive donations from your purchases such as record sales, downloads or speaking engagements. Watch for "Arts Sanctuary at the Crossroads" textiles and tee-shirts coming in 2009. To raise funds for programs or the learning center find out how to become a Mindspan Member with USAlliance programs and services, email us for more information and an application at

New Life Options A/V is the Publisher/Label of Freedom from Back Pain and The Original Cast CD of THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS by William Elliott in Sherman Oaks, CA