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Extreme Pumpkins
Troy, MI United States
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Tom Nardone
Troy, MI
United States
Contact Phone: 248-457-6874

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For over 20 years Tom Nardone has been inventing and creating the weirdest pumpkin carvings you have ever seen. He's also committed to making Halloween fun, simple, and creative.

Each year his website, ExtremePumpkins.com holds one of the world's largest pumpkin carving contests and awards 30-40 designs with a prize. These designs are archived for everyone to see. The result is a site with over 300 Jack O Lantern ideas you can copy and use. Mr. Nardone made the rare cross-over from website to best-selling author. His books Extreme Pumpkins, Extreme Pumpkins 2, and Extreme Halloween were all nationwide best sellers.

He's fun and fast talking, so Tom has also made a number of TV appearances. He's been on just about every morning talk show in America, including Live with Kelly 6 times. He's also been on late night TV, twice with Conan O'Brien. Tom is a fun guest.

Because pumpkin carving is a fun hobby for Tom, he is always happy to talk about it. Message or call him today. He's got tips, tricks, and a laugh or two to share.