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David Nance -- Personal Safety Expert
Chicago, IL United States
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David Nance is a nationally acclaimed safety expert and has been featured on The History Channel?s Modern Marvel Series, Don?t Be A Victim on Spike TV, the National Rifle Association?s (NRA) Self Defense Video Series and PoliceOne.com. David has also been a guest speaker at various industry trade shows and is a member of the National Crime Prevention Association.

In 1997, David developed the SABRE Law Enforcement Division which works with thousands of police departments around the world. David also created the SABRE Law Enforcement Training Division. From the NYPD to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department, the SABRE Law Enforcement Training Division has certified over 5,000 law enforcement instructors on use of force, defensive tactics and the right way to use pepper spray.

It was through his extensive work with law enforcement agencies that David realized the need for personal safety training for the general public. Public Safety Officers, after spending months in training at their police academies, continue to train throughout their careers. Additionally, police officers have multiple force options, a partner, back up and body armor to help protect them. What does the average person have to protect themselves? What training or education have they received in this arena? Unfortunately, not much - if anything at all!

The simple truth is everyone wants to feel safe and protected, but most choose not to address this issue. Many are uncomfortable thinking about their personal safety. Others gamble and hope they will never have to confront the issue. Either way, most people lack a plan. David decided to create the plan, simple safety strategies to keep people safe, the SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program!

Simple and affordable solutions to keep you and your family safe, the SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program (CSAP) teaches people how to protect themselves without throwing a punch. This is the first and only nationwide program teaching civilians risk reduction techniques to reduce their odds of being attacked and how to protect themselves in case an attack occurs.

CSAP is taught by police officers, self defense experts and firearms instructors. Students are taught awareness and avoidance, the right way to use pepper spray and the best self defense technique to escape the attacker.

CSAP supports the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) (www.rainn.org). One in five women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. RAINN works to prevent sexual assaults, support its victims and seeks justice for those who commit the crime.

Through CSAP, individuals throughout the country can learn to be their own body guard, how to Be Smart, Be Ready, Be Safe! Since the inception of the SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program in 2009, David has created a network of approximately 500 CSAP Instructors in 32 states.

David Nance is responsible for the creation of following personal safety strategies: - The Seven (7) Strategies to Stay Safe during your Evening Commute - Twelve (12) Safety Tips to Live Smarter & Safer - Ten (10) Steps to Use Pepper Spray the Right Way - SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program's Student & Instructor Manuals - Six (6) Ways to Stay Safe on College Campus