RIP -- Louis Levy -- September 9, 1931 to December 23, 2017,
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RIP -- Louis Levy -- September 9, 1931 to December 23, 2017,
Arlington, DC United States
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Wilma Probst Levy -- Widow
Arlington, VA
United States
Main Phone: 703-739-0077
Cell Phone: 703-989-7073

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Success in Retirement


Louis Levy has been on Broadway; put on film festivals; acted in numerous feature films and plays; sung cabaret; performed voiceovers; and written reviews.

Also he was in the process of writing a book! He knew the secrets of how to survive the three phases of retirement: pre-retirement mental preparation, first year adjustments, and savoring life's 'second chance.' He offered passionate, sage advice spiced with humor and presented with flair. He had empowered your 'Over 50' viewers, readers and listeners. 

Louis Levy brought new life into the word 'retirement.' He was an award-winning Voiceover expert, and an accomplished actor who has performed on Broadway, in regional theater and in numerous films. Louis was a captivating cabaret singer and songwriter. A member of SAG and AFTRA, the Toastmasters Hall of Fame and the National Speakers Association, Louis he also was co-founder and co-sponsor of the Jewish Film Festival in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Louis knew the secrets of how to savor life's 'second chance' in retirement. He had empower your 'Over 50' viewers with passionate, sage advice spiced with humor.

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