Teri Carden -- Review My Association Management System
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Teri Carden -- Review My Association Management System
Nashville, TN United States
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Teri Carden
Mount Juliet, TN
United States
Contact Phone: 8504911390

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Review My Association Managment System

Q: Why ReviewMyAMS.com?

A: An Association Management System (AMS) is one of the most important investments an association has to make. As humans, we highly value the opinions of our family, friends, and peers. With these two things in mind, it's time for association executives to have a voice about how their AMS performs with regards to customer service, ease of use, reliability, and customization. It's time for a place where executives can speak openly and honestly about their experiences with their AMS. It's time for end users to have a collective voice in an incredibly competitive market.

Q: Who is the wizard behind the curtain?

A: Hello, I'm Teri Carden, association junkie and self-proclaimed girl geek in normal girl's clothing. I've been an association executive for 7 years. Along the way I've been able to rub elbows with the association industry's finest professionals (you know who you are). With the support of my mentors, colleagues, volunteer leaders, and bosses, I've always been able to fulfill my incessant desire to geek out at work. This meant testing and implementing new technologies such as online communities, stretching to new marketing heights with eye-catching campaigns, introducing new social media streams, and jumping headfirst into the mobile world. When I'm not face-to-face with the computer screen, I love to cook for my family, exercise, wrestle with the kids, explore craft cocktail bars, do nothing on the beach, travel to new places, and enjoy time with my friends.