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Washington, DC United States
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David Rothstein
Washington, DC
United States
Contact Phone: (202) 540-8337
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EIN Presswire's distribution footprint reaches millions. And unlike our competitors, we combine a press release distribution service with media monitoring and RSS feeds that are used worldwide by journalists, professionals and businesses - every day - and this means greater effectiveness for you.

Seasoned industry professionals who had the vision that the future of news delivery is a centralized hub where news from thousands of sources can be filtered into personalized news streams. We consider EIN Presswire (a service of EIN News) to be one of the most advanced central sources for communication professionals whose time is valuable.

EIN Presswire is designed to assist those seeking breaking news and those who have breaking news to share. Thoughtfully developed tools that help seekers find news content and manage it. Online content uploads let you feed directly into the stream of daily breaking news. EIN clients are global and diverse, all sharing similar goals - efficiencies, productivity, effectiveness, and value.

Press content delivery for the digital age. At EIN News our mission is really simple: we help people streamline their communication goals.