William R. Griffin -- Cleaning Consultant Services
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William R. Griffin -- Cleaning Consultant Services
Seattle, WA United States
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Wm R. Griffin
Seattle, WA
United States
Cell Phone: 206-849-0179
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Let's Talk About Cleaning

  • Is Your Home or Office Killing You?
  • What to Do if Your New Carpet or Floor Looks Like Hell in Six Months.
  • How To Earn $100,000 a Year in Your Own Cleaning Business.
  • How to Get Your Carpet and Furniture Cleaned without Getting Ripped Off.
  • How to Hire a House Cleaning or Maid Service.
  • How to Remove Spots and Odors from Your Carpet.
  • How To Clean Your Toilet and Tub, The Easy Way.
  • What's the Best Carpet to Buy for Your Home or Office?
  • Is it Safe to Eat at Your Favorite Restaurant?
  • How to Keep Your Home and Furnishing Looking Like New.
  • Which Vacuum Cleaners Really Suck Up the Dirt?
  • How to Clean Your House in 30 minutes A Day or Less.
  • Indoor Air Quality Hazards and How to Avoid Them.

Why Interview Bill Griffin?

  • He's enthusiastic and often outspoken about cleaning and small business.
  • He's an entertaining and thought provoking guest. He started his first business at age six, scrounging through alley garbage cans and selling waste paper to his school classmates in Madison, South Dakota.
    He's available on short notice and a guest that your audience won't soon forget.
  • His quick wit and sense of humor are engaging for call-ins, live audiences and demonstrations.
  • He has published 10 books and over 200 articles on cleaning and small business.
  • He's the world's leading authority on cleaning and maintenance.

A demo tape of Wm R. Griffin on "Live with Regis and Kathy Lee" is available upon request