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Jesse Weinberger - Internet Safety Expert
Cleveland, OH United States
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Jesse Weinberger
Chagrin Falls, OH
United States
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About Jesse Weinberger
A 20-year veteran of digital marketing and software development, Jesse Weinberger is the Founder of OvernightGeek University which teaches Internet Safety to parents, students, and school districts both online and in live presentations.

Jesse Weinberger - Internet Safety Expert - Speaking Sample from Live Event

Internet Safety Expert

Jesse's particular passion is in speaking directly to tweens/teens and the parents who may not understand how to keep them safe. Her presentation "Don't Be A Sheep" is an overwhelming favorite among 7-12 students and school districts : this presentation helps teens understand: media literacy, cyberbulling, internet safety, managing your online reputation, and the myriad benefits of never, ever taking a photo of your junk.

Jesse is able to effectively move her audiences and students with the perfect combination of off-the-cuff humor and a deep expertise in the new world which is largely regulated by your perceived online street cred.

Suggested Interview Topics
Feel free to contact Jesse on any of the following suggested topics or any topic related to Internet Safety including: social media platforms, gaming platforms, specific devices, the role parents play, how kids can be proactive, managing online reputations - or anything else.
Jesse Weinberger: Internet Safety Expert

TEEN ONLINE DATING The "hot or not" apps have become popular among teens and even tweens. I cannot even begin to say how horrifying this is. Connecting a relative child with an adult is bad enough. A few apps also show the most recent location of where the child last checked in. This is an incredibly dangerous scenario for young people. Teens do NOT NEED online dating in any way, shape, or form.
SEXTING Carlos Danger is not an island (unfortunately) - sexting happens every single day, among children. Potential story angles:
  • The MASSIVE legal/criminal and future life implications for children who sext - they can be charged with a felony and placed on sex offender registries. Scholarships and college acceptances can be revoked.
  • Why this generation of children/teens see nothing wrong in taking photos of their junk
  • Desensitization and hyper-sexualization of an entire generation
  • How social media platforms (accidentally or not) encourage seedy and sexual behavior by deeming photos "popular" for example by the amount of attention they receive
NOTE: this is a huge subject with many many potential story angles. If you're not sure about something, contact me and I can help you hash it out
TEXTING Tweens and teens are not answering their phones, they're only texting. Texting occurs on more than just their actual phones.... Potential story angles:
  • How the concept of messaging or texting makes typical online games like Minecraft and Clash of Clans unsafe for children and teens
  • What are the risks with texting?
  • How can parents can set limits on texting usage and the nature of texting content
  • Legal/criminal implications for children who text

SNAPCHAT & INSTAGRAM These profiles were never created primarily for children to use. And they should NOT be used by children. Potential story angles here: Snapchat:
  • Why Snapchat is completely inappropriate for use by children under 18
  • Why there is no parental mitigation - there's nothing you can do to make it safer
  • Legal/criminal potential outcomes
  • Specific risks to your child and your family
  • Instagram has privacy safeguards available which teens refuse to use - why is this?
  • Why has Instagram catapulted to one of the most popular social media platforms for children
  • The ways in which Instagram goes wrong - and how to manage it from a parent's point of view
  • Legal/criminal potential outcomes

CYBERBULLYING Cyberbullying has many potential story facets from:
  • preventing cyberbullying from happening at all - being proactive from the "victim's" side
  • managing cyberbullying as it's happening * dealing with the aftermath of cyberbullying
  • understanding that your child will at some point act as each of these: perpetrator, victim, and bystander - and they all have poor outcomes