J. Lenora Bresler - Leadership Speaker, Author, Coach
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J. Lenora Bresler - Leadership Speaker, Author, Coach
Tampa, FL United States
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J. Lenora Bresler
Lakeland, FL
United States
Contact Phone: 863/255-3942
Cell Phone: 863.255-3492
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J. Lenora K Bresler
Looking for straight forward, immediately implementable leadership strategies? J. Lenora Bresler provides leaders instant insight into creating immediately the credibility they need to initiate change, promote diversity, create an atmosphere of innovation, minimize (or effectively use) conflict, think strategically, and provide unforgettable customer service. Humorous and fast-paced, J. Lenora calls on her varied background as an attorney (she graduated law school at age 20), h.r. professional, college instructor, actress, singer, symphony orchestra director, former talk radio show host, business columnist, and community leader to provide real-life substantive solutions in engaging ways. Her book, Instant Insight: 15 Questions to Great Relationships encourages those in leadership positions to ask key questions that provide the knowledge needed for instant success in motivating any person. She is the founder of Bresler Training, LLC., a leadership and motivation keynote speaking, training, and consulting firm headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. J. Lenora is also an expert on the origins of all the major holidays, including Christmas and Thanksgiving, and is a descendant of two Mayflower Pilgrims. She is a speaker on Biblical topics, focusing on little discussed details in well-known Scripture passage which give new depth and clarity to one's understanding. Her website is www.jlenorabresler.com.