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James D. Feldman -- The Bright Idea Guy
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About: James D. Feldman, CSP, PCS, CPT, CITE is the creator of Shift Happens!(R) and a professional Change Management speaker. As the owner of several businesses and consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Jim has been on the receiving end of changes in business. He shares funny stories, valuable techniques and creative problem solving in a hilarious and content-rich presentation, article or interview. Jim customizes each speech or interview to meet your needs. He researches your company or organization and creates a plan for change using real world examples. He has been known to leave the audience with several solutions to these
Shaun T. Yorgey -- Perkiomen School
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About: Making A Liberal Arts Education Relevant Through Application -- The mission of The Institutes at Perkiomen School is to make a liberal arts education relevant to students through rigorous applicati...

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