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Jennifer Leake -- Assessment Pros LLC
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About: 70% OF YOUR EMPLOYEES COST YOU MONEY! Too few of your employees show up to work with a desire to give 100%. Employees who have a connection to their work make your company better, and carry that energy and commitment into their personal lives and their community. That's the value of Employee Engagement - something companies strive for but too few attain. Employee Assessments are key tools to make this happen. If you are like me, you've been in jobs you've loved .... and jobs you've hated. I'm passionate about helping YOU develop employees who LOVE what they do, ENJOY who they work with, and RESPECT who they work for. Happy and satisfied employees are not enough. Company picnics and monthly birthday celebrations are not enough. LET'S GET ENGAGED! Together let's change the world and make this your best year ever!

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Jennifer Leake -- Assessment Pros LLC

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