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David Hamilton Nichols
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David Hamilton Nichols
Los Angeles, CA United States
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David Hamilton Nichols
Ventura, CA
United States
Contact Phone: +1 805 701 4744

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David Hamilton Nichols
David Hamilton Nichols is a transformational speaker, author, empowering intuitive and master healer.
David transmits the Universe's most powerful information and energy to widespread events, media and individuals. He presents life-changing workshops. Empowering his clients and audiences, he facilitates personal and world transformation and healing.
David speaks at the Conscious Life Expo and the New Living Expo — the two biggest spiritual expos on the West Coast — and is a popular media guest. David also offers hospital energy workshops and has presented at the death and dying symposium "All Day Immersion into Death"
David teaches that information and energy together facilitate transformation on both the personal and global levels. Thus, he joins his intuitive, psychic, mediumistic gifts and his energy-work capabilities in individual in-person and Skype video sessions. He uniquely and powerfully transmits information and energy from an altered state of higher consciousness and brings the Light to groups so they can effect mass change.
After attending a Transmission, people often report a sense of union with the Light, a deeper knowledge and understanding of who they really are, and an empowerment toward progress while finding peace with what currently is. The energy during David's work is commonly described as overwhelming in its brilliance and bliss. The state of Consciousness is profoundly altered.
David's mission is to bear Higher Consciousness, Wisdom, and Energy through Spiritual Communication and Light Transmission.
David Hamilton Nichols, LLC, is the effective vehicle for the manifestation of these and other ends and their expansion.