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Somers White, CPAE, FIMC
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Somers White, CPAE, FIMC
Phoenix, AZ United States
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Contact Information
Sommers White
Phoenix, AZ
United States
Contact Phone: 602-952-9292

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Somers White, CPAE, FIMC

Somers White has consulted, coached and spoken professionally in all 50 states and on 6 continents.

He assists clients to dramatically improve their sales and increase their bottom line in sales, marketing, management and financing.

Somers assists clients with their written communications and has a specialty of helping clients with their public speaking so they become a more confident, dynamic, persuasive, whether one-on-one or in front of thousands. As clients, he has had a dozen members of the Speakers Hall of Fame, CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Political Leaders, Celebrities, as well as beginning speakers and those who have stage fright.

Business men and women have paid over $2 million to hear him speak how to negotiate for money, often called being more effective with bankers, other lenders and investors.

Somers assists clients:
1.) increase the number of customers
2.) increase the amount of business the individual customer does with client
3.) cuts costs
4.) does something better

Somers says, "The only prospects who will ever come to you are the rush of new ideas"

Whether clients are coming to him for assistance in negotiating or evaluating, buying or selling a business.