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Margie Shepherd -- Motivational Speaker
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Margie Shepherd -- Motivational Speaker
Reno, NV United States
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Bruce Merrin
Lax Vegas, NV
United States
Contact Phone: 702-367-0331
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Meet Best Speaker of 2018 Margie Shepherd

Best speaker of any year is Margie Shepherd. She electrifies audiences nationwide on her America Media Matters radio talk show "Celebrating Life". Bowing to standing ovations in Reno, Nevada before hundreds, she fulfilled expectations to capture that special moment in everyone's life: Achieving the Goal, Fulfilling one's Dreams, Renewing faith in oneself and Climbing the mountains that stand in the way of reaching your summit.

Beautiful and charismatic, Margie Shepherd's dynamic talks vibrate with a rare gift from a past filled with blockbuster obstacles. Survival from a potentially lethal home invasion of deadly carcinogenic materials that contaminated the air through a contractor's work error demanded all of Margie's inner strength. That life-and-death experience triggers her ongoing career as one of the most exciting speakers of our time.

"I needed to reinstate myself into the world…to start again. Take a risk. Be your own hero. People will notice!" As they do today/ Margie mesmerizes her audiences, from a shout to a whisper, always on target/ She zeroes in on each and every individual regardless of the size of her audience, a special gift to groups large or small.

Margie Shepherd talks radiate by using the past to create the future. Whether it's a military healing for returning servicemen or a the tranquil beauty of "Helen's Garden" pastoral setting sponsored by St. Jude's Auxiliary in Las Vegas, Nevada, we count on Margie Shepherd in invigorate and inspire us.

Nominated as our Speaker of the Year 2018 she can be heralded as the ideal answer for your group's needs, destined to become a motivational star in a new constellation.

Contact: www.brucemerrinscelebrityspeakers.com