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Tom Nardone - Dignity Lifts - Toilet Lifts
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Tom Nardone - Dignity Lifts - Toilet Lifts
Detriot, MI United States
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Contact Information
Tom Nardone
Troy, MI
United States
Contact Phone: 248-457-6874

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Tom Nardone is a prolific entrepreneur. He has founded seven companies that each have more than a million dollars in annual revenue. His current project is Dignity Lifts - Toilet Lifts. Dignity Lifts makes electric toilet lifts so that the elderly and people with disabilities can use the bathroom independently. Dignity Lifts are simple appliances that work in most bathroom. They are changing the lives and giving independence back to hundreds of people.

Tom's favorite quote is 'To get one great idea you need one hundred ideas and a system to determine which one is the best.' By Gurminder Bedi. This principle was used to launch his company in 1998 and has guided its success ever since. Tom is upbeat and fun to talk to.