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Stephen R. Balzac, Leadership Development Expert
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Stephen R. Balzac, Leadership Development Expert
Stow, MA United States
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Welcomes paid invitations to speak.
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Stephen R. Balzac
Stow, MA
United States
Contact Phone: 978-298-5189
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Leadership Development Expert
Steve has over twenty years of experience in the high tech industry and is the former Director of Operations for Silicon Genetics, in Redwood City, CA, where he was responsible for shipping their flagship product. Steve also led the development of numerous serious roleplaying simulations, including a Pandemic Flu simulation for the US National Capitol Region. He is a popular speaker on topics ranging from leadership, motivation, team building, interviewing skills, and sport performance to computer game design. He was a guest lecturer at MIT and WPI. His articles have appeared in a number of journals, including The Journal of Interactive Drama, The IBM Systems Journal, Mass High Tech, Lab Manager, Corp! Magazine, Performance & Profts(a publication of the American Management Association), Enterprise Management Quarterly, Talent Management Magazine, The CEO Refresher, The Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership, Analog SF/F, Black Belt Magazine, American Fencing and the Worcester Business Journal.