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Society for the Advancement of Consulting
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Society for the Advancement of Consulting
Claremont, CA United States
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Linda Popky
Claremont, CA
United States
Contact Phone: 909-630-3943
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Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC

Society for Advancement of ConsultingSM LLC is dedicated to the advancement of independent consultants and solo practitioners. Our mission is to build the business, competencies, and "voice" of consultants in the business community and within the organizational world.

Independent consultants serve as objective, cost-effective, and highly responsive resources which can focus narrowly on specific organizational issues or provide comprehensive "big picture" perspective. They provide world class perspective from a variety of industries, businesses, and environments. Clients are assured that they are dealing with the practice principal, and not relegated to junior people who are yet to learn both the client's business and the consulting profession.

SAC members qualify for the society by providing evidence of successful consulting projects completed, client testimonials, documentation of minimum revenue achievements, and a sworn ethics statement. These are the creme-de-la-creme of professional consulting gathered within one organization to serve clients and further the profession. 

Executive Directors: Linda Popky and Lisa Anderson