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Robin L. Graham -- InnerActive Mindset
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Robin L. Graham -- InnerActive Mindset
Memphis, TN United States
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Robin L. Graham
Cordova, TN
United States
Contact Phone: 901-757-4434
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Robin L. Graham
Robin L. Graham
Specialist in bridging the knowing-doing gap.

Rather than spending additional time, effort and dollars on standard Sales, Leadership, Teamwork, Wellness and other initiatives ? redirect the focus to where success ultimately resides.

The inner mindset, thoughts and beliefs of the individuals involved. Knowing what to do, how to do it and why it is important is not enough.

Achieve sustainable success by accessing and aligning subconscious thoughts, decisions, and actions with external goals.

Robin L. Graham is a results-oriented entrepreneur who helps people and organizations overcome barriers to high performance. Her background in technology and systems has given her an eye for the processes at work in organizations and in people's lives and careers, regardless of whether those processes are internal or external, intended or unintended, recognized or unrecognized.

Robin is a certified instructor and practitioner in behavioral performance. She has firmly established her ability to teach people proven methods for personal achievement. She utilizes an advanced breakthrough technology for eliminating an individual's conflicting, limiting thoughts or beliefs that sabotage success.

Robin has trained and presented locally and internationally, to audiences ranging from small groups to large conferences. She is available for private coaching, group workshops, or speaking engagements. Her commitment is to illuminate your best for success.