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Rio Rocket
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Rio Rocket
New York City, NY United States
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Rio Rocket
New York City, NY
United States
Contact Phone: 516-874-7634

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Rio Rocket - TV Film Voice Actor, Branding Expert, Motivational Speaker

Rio Rocket is a New York City based, multi-hypenate performer who entered the acting arena as a voice-actor with exceptional vocal malleability. After Rio performed all the male characters for 'The Trials of Olympus' video game and over twelve (12) different voices for on-screen talent in the feature-film 'Heartlock', he evolved into a dynamic on-camera acting talent, host/presenter, motivational speaker and commercial model.

  • He stars as the enigmatic, kinetic activist Marcus Cross in the TV Series Alter Boy
  • Plays Jed, a corporate attorney, on the Accenture produced streaming series 'Hacker Land'
  • Co-hosts the Katra Film Series along with Irene Jean Santos
  • Official Speaker, Announcer, and VOG (Voice of God) for John Jay College's Annual Commencement Ceremony at Arthur Ashe Stadium.
  • First and only motivational speaker ever hired for a production by Lowe's Home Improvement
  • He is also a former competitive athlete, and highly-accomplished graphic artist, illustrator, designer, web developer, online marketer, and branding expert.

"While practicing being my future self, I live passionately and move fearlessly. My movements have great impetus and are benevolent to myself and others. I'm at procrastination's wake. Will not attend funeral, busy hustling"


Be Branded or Be Forgotten!

  • Comprehensive strategies for Brand Building and Marketing yourself as any type of professional.
  • Why you should Brand Yourself First before building a business, company, or embarking on any of your personal or business endeavors.
  • The difference between branding for any of the following: Actor, Artist, Entertainer, Career Professional, Public Figure, Speaker, Social Media Personality and why on social media they are all the same!

Smart Social Media Dumbed Down

  • Demystifying what good social media content is and what makes something go viral.
  • How to determine if you should use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, or all of them!
  • How to effectively incorporate your brand into any social media platform and create unlimited content with minimal effort.

How to Build a Hollywood-Level Career Outside of Hollywood

  • How you can build a Larger Than Life successful image and career in a land far, far away from Hollywood.
  • Advanced strategies on funneling your Brand and Professional Person into your Craft to mold a successful career in Arts & Entertainment.

"I connect to those searching for the champion within them to emerge. I encourage them to write a powerful story that will become their own future Best Seller. I am for those seeking to become greater than the template set before them. I suspect you will be moved and perhaps find yourself compelled by the strength of this message to contact me"

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Rio Rocket and Irene Jean Santos host the 2019 Katra Film Series Spring Edition