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Interns on Call -- Helping PR Firms & Ad Agencies
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Interns on Call -- Helping PR Firms & Ad Agencies
Washington, DC United States
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Contact Information
Mitchell P. Davis
Washington, DC
United States
Contact Phone: 202-333-5000
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Interns on Call -

Interns on Call offers offers two types of services:

1)      Interns can work directly for PR firms & Ad agencies as contractors on many stated projects at set costs.  Each intern has their own services offered page, with all projects prices show with complete porject cost, or hourly rate.  

2)      Access to many free and paid public relations services from Broadcst Interview Source Inc, the sponsor of Interns on Call.

Please call the Mitchell P. Davis at the ExeprtClick office to discuss your needs.  The phone number is (202) 333-5000.

Featured interns are:



Ms. Kaitlin Martinez-Hall 

Contact by E-mail:   kaitlinmartinez8@gmail.com

Ms. Martinez-Hall will soon have a Masters in Communications from California State University, Fullerton.

Her Communications Skills:

  1. Social media content: Create 2-3 sentence attention-grabbing captions (or longer if desired by client) and research applicable visual assets, links and hashtags based on the industry, time of year, cultural holidays and current events. Posts will be edited for brevity and to accommodate different social media platforms.

  2. Press: Create press releases, press posts and clippings

  3. Canva: Use graphic design skills to create promotional materials for clients' events and infographics

  4. News, Features, Reviews: Write insightful, concise long-form content for client and their industry

  5. Social Media Management: Post to and monitor client's social media account

  6. Synthesize complex information: Summarize and combine data, jargon and technical information into concise consumer-friendly posts and infographics


Mr. Brad Butler

Click photo to see skills & costs.

Mr. Butler transitioned from published author to book publicity and then into corporate PR representing a prestigious travel companies AmaWaterways and Brendan Vacations. Along the way he picked up a wide-range of skills for writing journalistic news releases, video and audio editing, website creation and online PR using Expert Click's News Release Wire system in writing and generating Internet Press/News Releases. With over 10-years experience with the Expert Click system, Brad Butler writes, generates and tracks news releases on the Internet, which are then disseminated to the media to create further exposure.  --- The photo above shows a half page story placed in the International Hearld Tribune for AMAwaterways.



Ms. Isabella Roy

Click photo to see skills & costs


Double Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations/Advertising and Constitutional Studies/Classics with Honors from the University of Oklahoma


  • Project Management
    • Expert in Monday.com, Asana and other project management sites. Extremely organized with creative content.
  • Writing
    • Strong writing skill, extremely comfortable with the Inverted Pyramid structure, clarity, accuracy, brevity and newsworthiness. I offer the following:
      • Press Release/News Releases
      • Copy for Social Media, Websites, Products or Services
      • Proofreading, editing and updating texts
      • Fact Sheets
      • Speeches
      • Blog Posts
      • Reviews/Ratings -$95
      • Infographics
      • Etc.
  • Social Media Management and Content Creation
    • 10+ years' experience with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress, Canva, YouTube, Reddit.
    • Contemporary understanding of social media marketing, analytics, target audience, brand perception.
  • Media Relations
    •  I easily establish and maintain strong friendships with media professionals and people, generally.
    • Charismatic and persistent.
  • Research and Analytics
    • I genuinely enjoy learning. Understanding and analyzing products, services, companies, publics, awareness, demographics, psychographics, geographics and perception help me better relate to your organization and your publics. Research is essential for any successful PR campaign.