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John Czingula, Author of 'From Utopia to the American Dream'
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John Czingula, Author of 'From Utopia to the American Dream'
Englewood, CO United States
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John Czingula, Author of
John Czingula, Author of

John is an actor, writer, producer, aviator, sailor, and avid skier. Born Janos Czingula, he was raised in Debrecen, Hungary during World War II. After surviving the Russian and German occupation of his home country and the Hungarian revolution in 1956, John immigrated to America by 1957. He pursued his lifelong dreams with this new start, traveling throughout the states, experimenting with acting and entrepreneurship, and starting a family. While in America, he started over twenty businesses, ranging from parking lot leasing to solar-thermal energy plants. From Utopia to the American Dream is the autobiographical journey of John's life, and how he went from survival in communist Hungary to embracing the American dream.

Seven-year-old Janos Czingula of Debrecen, Hungary dreamt of being a railroad man, soldier, pilot, engineer, actor, and entrepreneur.

Hunkered down with his family, literally dodging the German and Russian bullets piercing the gatekeeper's house where they hid, survival became his only ambition. He lived through World War II only to be trapped behind the Iron Curtain, unable to realize any of his ambitions. Unwilling to accept the indignities of Communism and facing persecution in the aftermath of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising, he was forced to flee his family, friends, and the only life he'd ever known.

A refugee, Janos immigrated to America and became John: hard-working immigrant, popular foreign student, Hollywood actor and producer, aviator, skier, businessman, and successful entrepreneur. His utterly fascinating, harrowing, joyous journey is the true embodiment American Dream.