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Chia Wollschlager
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Chia Wollschlager
El Paso, TX United States
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Chia Wollschlager
El Paso, TX
United States
Main Phone: (833)275-2442
Contact Phone: (915)203-0808
Cell Phone: (915)203-0808

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Chia Wollschlager

Chia Wollschlager is an expert when it comes to addressing the non-medical needs of cancer patients and those close to them. As a cancer survivor, she became aware of various glaring gaps in the cancer experience, which is universally overwhelming, cold and scary and has a significant negative impact on health and wellness, confounding the healing process.  To combat this, Wollschlager created Chia's Silver Lining — the first-ever online platform that combines meet-ups, information sharing and an online store with products and services specifically for cancer patients and those around them.