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Ann Marie Hancock, Author & Humanitarian
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Ann Marie Hancock, Author & Humanitarian
Richmond, VA United States
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Scott Lorenz
Plymouth, MI
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Ann Marie Hancock
Ann Marie Hancock

You Can't Drive Your Car to Your Own Funeral is an honest and unique book that looks at the challenges of guardianship and cancer. Written with deep spiritual insight that can only be cultivated through adversity, and tempered with humor, this book traverses the difficult passage of end-of-life caregiving and the challenges and joys that accompany it.

"Ann Marie Hancock has gifted the world with a memorable book…a wise, warm and at times humorous message about living life to the fullest" Dr. Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 Hall of Fame Reviewer

"I wrote You Can't Drive Your Car to Your Own Funeral with complete dedication, commitment, and the hope that you will find loving solutions to the stressful challenges of caring for a "difficult" dear one. This is my story, but yours as well. We all have a difficult person in our lives," says author Ann Marie Hancock.

It was no easy task. Her mother, in her 90s and denying the existence of her cancer, refused to give up her car or her independence, and lived alone until the end. Hancock remembers one day when her mother insisted on driving them to an appointment. She ran through two red lights. When Hancock said something, her mom replied, "Don't worry about it. You dad did it all the time"

Hancock is no stranger to tragedy. She and her husband lost their second child shortly after birth from hyaline membrane disease. Her older daughter has Multiple Sclerosis. And Hancock herself faced death on her 50th birthday when her heart stopped and she had to be revived. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Hancock kept a journal for three-years with reflections on her sojourn. The journal evolved into book form because Hancock wanted to share the vital and unanticipated lessons she learned.

"It was Ann Marie's belief in God which was her strength, and this enabled this healer to face her greatest challenge yet" Susan Keefe, Midwest Book Review

You Can't Drive Your Car to Your Own Funeral was recently named a TRIPLE #1 Amazon Bestselling Book and top 100 in multiple categories:

#1 Two Hour Biog. & Memoir Short Reads

#1 Biographies of Medical Professionals

#1 Two Hour Religion & Spirituality Short Reads

#15 Professional & Academic Biographies

#47 Two Hour Short Reads

#84 Biographies and Memoirs