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Bijan Namdar, Owner Carefree Boat Club
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Bijan Namdar, Owner Carefree Boat Club
Marina Den Rey, CA United States
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Michael Joseph Butler
Marina Del Rey, CA
United States

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Bijan Namdar, Owner Carefree Boat Club, Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles
Bijan Namdar, Owner Carefree Boat Club, Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles
Bijan Namdar, Owner Carefree Boat Club, Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles

Bijan Namdar is owner of the Carefree Boat Club in Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles.A fter a one-time initiation fee, members only pay monthly dues, but then enjoy unlimited usage of the latest boats and cruisers all at the touch of online reservations. Based out of Marina del Rey, Carefree Boat Club also partners with other boat clubs around the country, providing members with a network of options.

Boats can be reserved for short half-day outings or for up to two days — enough time to cruise to Catalina with an overnight stay. What better way to spend time with family or entertain clients or guests? For those who are new to boating, a training program is included free with membership.

"The membership is a no-brainer compared to the cost of owning a boat, " says Membership Director Anthony Malveto. "You couldn't even own a used boat for what we charge for a membership" And for every 10 members that join the club, Carefree adds another boat to the collection. "We're constantly adding new boats. You can boat how you want and when you want. It's all about going out and having fun"

If you don't know how to maneuver a boat, no problem. Carefree provides unlimited training to all of its members—even if you just need a refresher course. And don't worry about learning how to care for the boat, the crew in Marina Del Rey will clean up the boat for you once you return from your adventure.

"It's literally a walk-on, walk-off boating lifestyle…for a fraction of the cost, " says Club Owner Bijan Namdar. It's all fun, an adult's ocean playground, if you will. You'll always be boating on the newest and coolest boats seeing as no boat in the collection will ever be more than three years old. And with an expanding portfolio of boats, you'll never be bored. LA's Carefree Boat Club has roughly $1.5 million in fleet.

The first boat in the collection is the 27-foot Formula Bowrider, it's like a floating lounge and the perfect boat to socialize on. It's the first boat that members train on. You can even take it on an overnight trip to Catalina. The newest additions are the 30-foot Robalo Fishing boat and 38 foot Sea Ray Sundancer.  And get excited for the newest membership tier that will be available in the spring for those seeking boats 55 feet and up!