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Delmas P. Wood -- FDR Tribute Speaker
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Delmas P. Wood -- FDR Tribute Speaker
Washington, DC United States
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Contact Information
Delmas P.Wood
Sandy Spring, MD
United States
Contact Phone: 301-641-7346
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Proprietor of a Roosevelt memorabilia collection known as the FDR Living Museum, Wood happens to stand the same height as Roosevelt (6 feet, 2 inches). He also wears the same size hat (7 3/4 ) and nearly the same size shoes (Wood a 13, FDR a 12 1/2 ) -- points of similarity Wood seems happy to let folks know. Roosevelt worked in the insurance business, Wood likes to say, but eventually went onto other pursuits, such as saving the world from fascism.

Wood. stayed in insurance in this Montgomery County town. Sandy Spring is where he grew up, where his first youthful attempt at public speaking was such an embarrassment that it appears to have marked his life from that day forward.