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Larry Tracy -- Expert Presentation Coach
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Larry Tracy -- Expert Presentation Coach
Washington, DC United States
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Larry Tracy
Bethesda, MD
United States
Contact Phone: 571-214-9210

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Some people are born leaders, blessed with the innate abilitiy to motivate, inspire and lead. The rest of us require a system to achieve those same goals through the spoken word. That's what you'll find in this book-the proven S3P3 System that resulted in President Ronald Reagan describing Larry Tracy as "An extraordinarily effective speaker"
He's a retired U.S. Army colonel, with many of his assignments focused on speaking and briefing. In one, he  was the Senior Intelligence Briefer to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The book cover says the S3P3 System is "proven" How can such a claim be made? Because if he was ineffective in that and other high-level assignments, he  would have been fired. The S3P3 System worked for him, and it will work for you.

In Bring Home the Bacon, you'll gain the skill to become an influential leader by delivering persuasive presentations. You'll learn to: 

Make "fear of public speaking" your ally by using it to generate enthusiasm
Draft your presentation backwards to develop coherence and focus
Gain from your mistakes with a practice method similar to a "flight simulator"
Acquire "intelligence" on the problems of audience members so you can solve them
Use non-verbals-body language and voice-to reinforce your message
Employ "Shortcuts to Eloquence"  to add to your polish
Answer questions in such a way that you increase your credibility
Avoid "Death by PowerPoint" while using the program to enhance your presentation
In  Larry's final assignment, the White House detailed him to the State Department to debate a very contentious issue-the Central America policy of the Reagan Administration-at colleges and universities. The S3P3 System remained his method, and, again, it worked
In the Prologue Larry will describe describe this System and show how it can indeed help you to become an influential leader. Take a "Look inside" The contents of Bacon can make you the leader you aspire to be.